The Old HouseA native of Loch Gowna, County Cavan, he came to the U.S. on April 20th 1984 via New York City where he lived for 12 years known as Johnny "Spoons" McNaboe, as he was affectionately known because of his spoon playing abilities. John worked in several bars in Manhattan, he eventually opened his own bar called "Shenanigans", which was on East 204th Street and Bambridge Avenue in the Bronx.

Spoons dressed for work

People soon got to hear of his magical spoon playing and every night they would bring their own spoons just to hear him belt out a tune.

John also worked for Emerald Isle Trucking Company in New York. In the late nineties, John moved to Marco Island, Florida where his sister Theresa had been living for a number of years. He immediately went to work for Irish Brogue Moving Company on Marco and also kept his bartending skills up by working at Septembers night club for a couple of years.

It was there that he met Michael O'Regan from Kerry, and they both teamed up to turn what used to be an antique store into the now infamous Paddy Murphy's on Fifth Avenue South. Together they built the bar from the ground up importing mahogany and bar rails from home, giving Paddy Murphy's an authentic Irish feeling.